Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Logo Redesign

I decided to choose the Indianapolis Colts logo to redesign even though its been such a distinct and recognizable logo over the years. I kept the blue and white colors from the original logo and also added a darker blue. I tried to put as may sharp edges in as possible because that reflects an aggressive attitude and thats what football is all about. Also after looking at every other logo in the NFL, I noticed that all but 2 logos were left to right and top to bottom so I stayed with that concept here. Also almost every logo had a white outline on the very outside and multiple outlines within the logo so I tried to stay with that theme as well.


  1. Challenging pick for your assignment! Very intriguing choice -- your logo fits very well with some of the other recent NFL logo redesigns. Would love to see it with the COLTS typeface to see how it all works together.

  2. It looks great. It definitely comes across as being a logo for the Colts. The darker blues and contours of the face make it look more intimidating than the current logo.